Modern Weather Forecasting - BLISTER Podcast

OpenSnow Founder Joel Gratz joined Jonathan Ellsworth on the BLISTER Podcast to discuss the science of modern weather forecasting and weather models, his love of skiing and snow, what led him to start a weather forecasting company, why you should subscribe to OpenSnow, and much more.


  • Traveling (5:01)
  • Current snowpack in the West (6:42)
  • History of modern weather forecasting (8:48)
  • Weather Models Galore (23:05)
  • Advancements in Forecasting (27:39)
  • Forecasting Research (33:11)
  • Joel’s background as a skier (36:56)
  • Studying Meteorology, Public Policy & Business (39:54)
  • Why start a weather forecasting company? (43:11)
  • OpenSnow today vs the early days (48:39)
  • How much do you ski these days? (1:03:20)
  • Why subscribe to OpenSnow? (1:05:46)
  • Joel at the Blister Summit (1:15:16)

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