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Fresh snow on Friday morning


The storm on Thursday night delivered 3.5 inches of snow at mid-mountain. Get after it early on Friday morning before the sun turns it into mush!


The storm on Thursday night delivered the snow that we expected. I was hoping for 2-5 inches and we received about 3.5 inches on the mid-mountain snow stake.

Now on Friday morning, it feels a bit like winter with chilly temperatures between 18-22°F, the last clouds of the storm are clearing, and this fresh snow should ride nicely. Get out there early before the strong late-April sunshine cooks the snow into mush.

Looking ahead to the next week of operations (Copper's final day will be on Sunday, May 7), we'll see mostly dry weather and warm temperatures in the 40s from April 29 to May 2, then there will be a higher chance for showers and maybe a period of steady precipitation between about May 3-5. After that, we might sneak out a dry-ish weekend around May 6-7.

With the spring weather turning calm(er) and closing day within sight, this will be my last full post of the season, and I will write a brief wrap-up post on Saturday, April 29.

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Snow conditions as of Friday morning

New snow mid-mountain:
* 3.5” (24 hours Thursday 500am to Friday 500am)
* 3.5” (Overnight Thursday 400pm to Friday 500am)

Last snowfall:
* 3.5” Thursday Night (Apr 27-28)

* 8 of 23 lifts
* 106 of 154 trails
* Latest update

Snowpack compared to the 30-year average:
* 96%