By Sam Collentine, Meteorologist Updated 1 month ago February 22, 2024

OpenSnow vs. Other Weather Apps

Most weather/outdoor apps only provide forecasts for nearby towns.

With OpenSnow, you receive forecasts and conditions for the actual mountain location and elevation. This means that our snow, precipitation, wind, and temperature forecasts are more accurate and realistic when planning your next ski trip, long-distance run, hike, bike, or any other outdoor adventure.

Other Weather/Outdoor Apps

  • Current Weather
  • Hourly Forecast
  • Daily Forecast

OpenSnow App

  • Current Weather & Conditions
  • 10-Day Hourly Forecasts (anywhere on Earth)
  • 10-Day Snow Forecasts (anywhere on Earth)
  • Expert Local Forecasters
  • Compare Favorite Locations
  • Hourly Snow Reports & Conditions
  • Snow & Weather Maps
  • Nearby Weather Stations
  • Custom Snow Alerts
  • Avalanche Forecasts
  • Snowpack Graphs
  • Air Quality & Wildfire Smoke Forecasts
  • Offline Trail & Satellite Maps
  • Public & Private Land Ownership Maps
  • 3D Maps (coming soon)
  • Slope Angle & Aspect (coming soon)
  • Weather Along Route (coming soon)

The Gold Standard

"If you recreate in the snow or care an ounce about where to go, you’ll get every ounce of value from OpenSnow All-Access. The forecasting aspect is by far the most comprehensive yet simple and functional tool I’ve ever used. Their forecasters break it down so scientifically that you actually start to learn about weather patterns on your own, while at the same time, if you just care about knowing when and where to find the best possible snow, it’s perfect for that too. Additionally, the app feature/functionality is top-notch. The team is constantly developing new tools, innovating new ways of applying data to find snow, and most of all, lives and breathes what they do. The forecasters all seem to be hardcore skiers/boarders/outdoor enthusiasts and are even more hardcore weather geeks."

– February 2024 App Review

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What is OpenSnow?

OpenSnow is a weather forecasting and ski conditions information service that provides everything that you need for your next powder day, destination ski vacation, or backyard adventure. Compare 10-day forecasts on a single screen, create custom snow alerts, view hourly snowfall from nearby weather stations, track incoming storms with high-resolution weather maps, and much more.

How do you make your forecasts?

We update the automated forecasts on OpenSnow every hour with an in-house, proprietary blend of global and high-resolution model data. Blending multiple global and high-resolution models increases accuracy and confidence in the forecast, among many other benefits. The data can be viewed as hourly forecasts for the next 5 days and daily forecasts for the next 10 days for any location, worldwide.

How much does All-Access cost?

The All-Access Single subscription is available for $31.99 per year and provides unlimited access for 1 person. The All-Access Group subscription is available for $49.99 per year and provides unlimited access for 4 people.

Will All-Access automatically renew?

All subscriptions are set to automatically renew unless canceled before the end of the 365-day subscription term. You can easily cancel your subscription via the OpenSnow app or website with one click.

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Sam Collentine is the Chief Operating Officer of OpenSnow and lives in Basalt, Colorado. Before joining OpenSnow, he studied Atmospheric Science at the University of Colorado, spent time at Channel 7 News in Denver, and at the National Weather Service in Boulder.

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