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NEW: Purple Forecast Signals Mixed Precipitation

You might have noticed a new color in our snow forecast summary and 10-day snow forecast graphs. OpenSnow previously only had blue to show snowfall under 6 inches and orange to indicate snowfall over 6 inches.

We recently added purple to signal the chance for mixed precipitation (snow/rain) in the forecast.

  1. Go to the Favorites screen and tap the "Locations" tab.
  2. Tap the "Snow Summary" chip.
  3. Tap the "Snow Forecast" chip
  4. Tap into any location screen and scroll through the data.

mixed precipitation hourly forecast

Please note that we will always show purple if rain or mixed precip is in the forecast for anywhere on the mountain. For example, we will display purple if rain is in the forecast at the base elevation but snow is in the forecast at the mid to upper elevations.

We always recommend that you go to our 5-day hourly and 10-day forecasts in OpenSnow to view our snow level forecast (the snow/rain line) and how that will change throughout a storm.

Learn more about how we calculate the snow summary and the details behind our 10-day forecasts below.

Snow Forecast Summary

OpenSnow calculates the snow forecast summary by taking the snow forecast for the previous night plus the current day. The following snow forecast summary example has 8 inches for Friday...

  • Thursday Night = 2-4 inches = 3 inches
  • Friday Day = 3-7 inches = 5 inches
  • Friday Summary = 8 inches

As seen in the image at the top of the article, this would make Friday orange since the snow forecast is above 6 inches. The snow forecast summary calculation is shown this way since this is the snow that you would see/ski on that day.

10-Day Forecast

The "day" forecast is from 6 am to 6 pm, while the "night" forecast is from 6 pm to 6 am.

Snowfall: The amount of forecasted snowfall during the 12-hour "day" period and during the 12-hour "night" period.

  • Blue is snowfall under 6 inches
  • Orange is snowfall over 6 inches
  • Purple is mixed precip (snow/rain)

Precip %: The statistical probability of 0.01" inch (0.254 mm) or more of precipitation at the given area in the given 12-hour forecast.

  • Snow is blue
  • Rain is green
  • Mixed precip (snow/rain) is purple

Precipitation: The amount of forecasted precipitation. This would be the amount of liquid precipitation you would measure if you melted all of the snowfall.

  • Snow is blue
  • Rain is green
  • Mixed precip (snow/rain) is purple

Snow Level: The elevation above which snow will fall and below which rain will fall. The snow level will fall to lower elevations during periods of heavy snowfall and rise to higher elevations during periods of lighter snowfall.

Weather: The icon that best represents the forecasted weather during the 12-hour period. View every weather icon that would be present on OpenSnow here.


Orange = Powder (Forecast of 6+ inches from the previous night and current day).
Green = Rain (Expect rain on all of the mountain).
Purple = Snow/Rain (Expect a transition from snow to rain on the mountain).
Yellow = Wind (Wind gusts greater than 45 MPH and possible lift closures).

Temperature: The forecasted high temperature during the 12-hour "day" period and the forecasted low temperature during the 12-hour "night" period.

Wind Speed: The forecasted average wind speed during the 12-hour "day" period and the forecasted average wind speed during the 12-hour "night" period.

Wind Gust: The forecasted average wind gust during the 12-hour "day" period and the forecasted average wind gust during the 12-hour "night" period.

Cloud Cover: The forecasted cloud coverage during the 12-hour "day" period and the forecasted cloud coverage during the 12-hour "night" period.

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