By Sam Collentine, Meteorologist Updated 28 days ago June 24, 2024

NEW: Lightning Risk Map

lightning risk map

View the location of recent lightning strikes and the probability that lightning will strike in the next 60 minutes. This "Lightning Risk" map is available now for all of the United States.

This overlay is incredibly useful for knowing:

  • If you should end your outdoor activity early with lightning risk ramping up.
  • If you should take shelter or get below treeline with lightning strikes nearby.

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Getting Started

  1. Tap the "Maps" tab.
  2. Tap the overlay button.
  3. Tap "Lightning Risk".
  4. Scrub the bottom slider.
  5. Tap the overlay to view details.

how to use lightning risk map

Here's an example of the lightning risk increasing and strikes occuring across Wisconsin on June 12, 2024.

The most recent lightning strikes have a yellow outline and fully fade when older than an hour.

The probability that lightning will strike in the next 60 minutes ranges from:

  • Blue (10%)
  • Green (25%)
  • Yellow (50%)
  • Orange (75%)

lightning risk example

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View → Lightning Risk Map

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